Game Save Locations

Whether you're trying to find the location of a screenshot, game save, mod, or other file relating to a game, chances are, we can tell you where! All of the guides on this page document commonly asked-after folders and files relating to video games on all platforms.

Where Are CS:GO's Config Files Located?

CS:GO Config File Locations


Minecraft Screenshots Folder, .minecraft Location, World Saves Folder, Mods Folder, and Resource Packs Folder


Skyrim Game Save Folder, Screenshot Folder, INI File Location


BATTLETECH Game Save Files

Where Are Stardew Valley Save Files & Mod Folders Located?

Stardew Valley Saves Folder, and Mods Folder

World of Warcraft

WoW Screenshot Folder, Addons Folder, WTF Folder, and Cache Folder

SOLVED: Destiny 2 Screenshot Folder & Config Location

Destiny 2 Screenshot Folder, Config File Location

SOLVED: FFXIV Screenshot Location

FFXIV Screenshot Folder

Where Are Subnautica Game Saves and Screenshots Located?

Subnautica Save and Screenshot Location

SOLVED: Dark Souls 3 Save Files Location

Dark Souls 3 Save File Locations

Fallout 4

Game Save Location, Screenshot Folder, Fallout4.ini File


RimWorld Save Locations, Installation Folders, and Mod Folders

Apex Legends Screenshot Folder & Config Location

Apex Legends Screenshot Folder, Config File Location

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Save Game Location


Satisfactory Save Game Location, Screenshot Folder


Prey Save Game Location


Hearthstone Screenshot Folder


Save Game Location, Screenshot Folder


Maplestory Screenshot Location

Path of Exile

Path of Exile Screenshot Folder

Elite Dangerous Screenshot Location & Key Bindings Folder

Elite Dangerous Screenshot Location, Key Bindings File

Black Desert Online

BDO Screenshot Location

Diablo III

Diablo 3 Screenshot Folder

Ark: Survival Evolved

Save Files Location, Game.ini File Location, Screenshot Location


Overwatch Screenshot Folder, Highlights Location, Config File Location


RuneLite Screenshot Folder


Warframe Screenshot Location


Save Game Location, Mods Folder

SOLVED: Witcher 3 Game Save and Mods Folder

Game Save File Location, Mods Folder

SOLVED: GTA 5 Save Game Files and Scripts/Mods Folder

Save Game File Folder, Mods Folder, Scripts Folder

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Save Game Location

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Save Game Location

Crusader Kings II

Save Game Location

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Game Save Location

Where Are XCOM 2 Game Saves and Mods Folders?

Save Game Location, Mods Folder

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Game Save Location

Space Engineers

Save Game Location, Mods Folder

Grim Dawn

Save Game Location

Total War: Warhammer II

Game Save Location

Wolfenstein II

Game Save Location

Darkest Dungeon

Game Save Location

Borderlands 2

Save Files Location

Grand Theft Auto IV

Save Game Location

Dying Light

Save Files Location

Terraria Save Locations: Characters, Worlds, Config, Mods & More

Character Saves, World Saves, Mods Folder, Config Files, Screenshot Folder


Save Game Location, Config File, Mods Folder

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Save Game Location

Cities: Skylines

Save Game Location, Mod Folder, Screenshot Location

Prison Architect

Save File Location

Slime Rancher

Game Save Location

Nier: Automata

Save Game Location

Borderlands 3 Save Files Location & Photo Mode Folder

Save Files Location, Photo Mode Folder

Sims 4

Save File Location, Mods Folder, Screenshot Folder

FTL: Faster Than Light

Save Game Location

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Save Game Location

Project Zomboid

Save Game Location

Torchlight 2

Game Save Location

My Summer Car

Save File Location

Final Fantasy VII

Save Game Location

EU4 Save Location, Screenshot & Mods Folder

Save Game Location, Mod Folder, Screenshot Location

The Long Dark

Save Game Location


Save Game Location

Mass Effect 1 Save Folder Location

Mass Effect 1 Save Location

Valheim Save Locations

Save Locations for Worlds, Characters, and Servers

Mass Effect 2

Save Location

Diablo 2

Save Game Location

Dark Souls

Save Location