Hearthstone Screenshot Folder

Hearthstone, first available to play in 2014, was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and designed by Derek Sakamoto and Mike Donais. It has proved extremely popular amongst gamers in the Collectable card game market, with over 100 million players worldwide.

Hearthstone sets itself as an addition to the historically popular Warcraft Series. During the game, players are presented with a deck of cards, consisting of minions, weapons and spells, as well as a hero with a specific superpower. From their designated decks, players take it in turns to select which of their cards to compete with in 1:1 battles, with the aim of destroying their rival’s hero.

Accessible on a number of platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS & Android, Hearthstone also boasts cross-platform functionality with availability in both Single-Player and Multi-Player modes. Players have rated the game highly, with a score of 86% on PC Gamer with it being the first major game in its genre, although it has been noted that updates can be fairly lengthy, especially on Google Play.

Screenshot Location

Hitting the PRINT SCRN button on your keyboard whilst playing Hearthstone will make the game take and save a picture. That's great, but where does that picture end up? On both Windows and Mac, the answer to that question is your desktop.

You heard that correctly: Hearthstone saves your in-game screenshots to your desktop. It really isn't the best of places as you'll need to move the screenshots to another folder to avoid things getting cluttered.