Monster Hunter: World Save File Location

Save Game Location

Monster Hunter: World is a role playing game within the Action video game market, set in a deserted fantasy land named the ‘New World’ which is filled with monsters. Players take on the role of a Hunter, to track down and defeat the monsters, using weapons that they can upgrade by defeating certain monsters or by completing different quests and missions.

The game is run on MT Framework Engine and published by Capcom, a Japanese development and publishing company, also known for games such as Resident Evil and Street Fight. Users can currently access the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Monster Hunter: World has been received well by players, with a review score of 9/10 on Steam and 90% on Metacritic. It is not surprising that it has also received a number of awards, including ‘The Game Award for Best Role Playing Game’ at The Gamer Awards in 2014.

Save File Location

Monster Hunter: World uses Steam Cloud for saves by default, which means that your game saves won't be stored in your Documents or Saved Games folders like most other games. Thankfully, your MHW save files are still relatively easy to access, you can find them at this path:

Steam library location > userdata > a folder named after your Steam3ID > 582010 > remote

If you need help finding that location, we've got you covered! Just follow these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer - you can do this by right clicking your start menu button and clicking File Explorer
  2. Go to your Steam library folder. This is usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam, if it isn't there see this guide to locate it and then return.
  3. Go into the userdata folder.
  4. Go into the folder named after your Steam3ID. If there's only one folder, it'll be that one.
  5. Go into the 582010 folder, and then the remote folder
  6. And that's you inside your save files folder! Your MHW save file should be named something like SAVEDATA1000