Dragon's Dogma Save Location

Save Game Location

Dragon's Dogma is an open world game within the action video game market that was first released on 22nd May 2012. It was developed by Capcom, a large development company based in Japan, also known for games such as Dead Rising, Resident Evil and Mega Man.

The game is set in a fantasy land named Gransys, where players take on the role of the character ‘Arisen’ on a mission to defeat a dragon that has motioned the end of the world. Along the way, players will have to take part in combat to destroy several monsters that stand in their path, with the help of their pawns.

Dragon's Dogma has been a success in the gaming world with a review score of 78% on Metacritic and with over 2,800,000 players to date. Players looking to experience the game can access it on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

Save Location

Many PC games available on Steam are now utilizing Steam Cloud for their save files - Dragon's Dogma is no exception. One of the great benefits of Steam Cloud is the sharing of saves across computers (they're linked to your Steam account) without having to manually transfer the files. Unfortunately, they're no longer in as accessible location as your Documents or a similar folder, but getting to them is still a relatively straight-forward process.

On Windows, you can find your save file at the following path:

Steam library folder > userdata > a folder named after your Steam3ID > 367500 > remote > DDDA.sav