Final Fantasy VII

Save Game Location

Final Fantasy VII Remaster was developed and published by Square Enix, known most famously for games such as Marvel’s Avengers and the Just Cause Series. The game is a remaster of the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII, and was released in Japan on the 26th December 2013.

The storyline is very much similar to the original, however, both the Graphics and audio have been updated, as well as now having 3D models and a 3x speed moderator, allowing quicker progression through certain stages of the game that previously would have taken a while.

Final Fantasy VII has been received well by players, with many praising its video quality, game design and structure, with some even going as far as to say it is better than the original.

FF7 Save Location

It's important to take regular backups of your game saves if you ever wish to return to them at a future point in time (whether for nostalgia, or in case you.. mess up). Some users also wish to access their game save files in order to modify them, or to transfer them to another computer. If you wish to access your Final Fantasy VII save files, you can find them at the following path:

%HomePath%\Documents\Square Enix\FINAL FANTASY VII Steam

To access that path, just open up a File Explorer window, go to your Documents, then into the Square Enix folder, and finally the FINAL FANTASY VII Steam folder.

Inside this folder, there will be at least one other folder that is named user_ followed by a bunch of numbers (based on your Steam ID). Inside the user_ folder relating to your account, you can find your save files. The save files will be named save**.ff7), where ** is the save number.