Black Desert Online

BDO Screenshot Location

BDO (Black Desert Online), was designed by Pearl Abyss, a successful Korean developer founded in 2010, which also holds gaming subsidiaries CCP Games and Pearl Abyss Iceland ehf. Following a successful launch on Microsoft Windows in July 2015, the game has since been released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS.

Black Desert Online is Sandbox game, set in a fantasy world which combines multiplayer functionality with action-orientated gameplay. The game provides players with the ability to role-play their characters, taking part in combat battles and siege wars, as well as activities such as farming and fishing.

The game which is available to purchase from $10-$50 with an optional monthly subscription, has received a 77% review score on Steam, with players speaking very highly of its graphics. Since its release, BDO has had over 30 million users across the Globe, generating a revenue of over $1 billion.

Screenshot Location

Like most other games, in Black Desert Online, the screenshot key is PRINT SCRN. Once you've snapped a screenshot, you can find it in the following folder:

%HomePath%\Documents\Black Desert\Screenshots

If you need help accessing this folder:

  1. Open File Explorer by right clicking the start button (bottom left hand corner, the button that opens the start menu) and clicking File Explorer
  2. Click Documents in the left panel (usually under Quick access)
  3. Open the Black Desert folder (maybe be named BDO, Black Desert Online or something similar)
  4. Finally, go into the Screenshots folder, and your screenshots will be in there!

Other Folders

If you have taken a screenshot with the F12 key, it has likely been taken via Steam. Although you get the same end result (a screenshot), Steam's screenshot system saves them in a different place to BDO. If your screenshot isn't in the folder outlined above, see how to find out where your Steam screenshots are located, as you'll likely find your Black Desert Online screenshots there.