Maplestory Screenshot Location

Maplestory is a 2D animated adventure Platform Game set in ‘Mapleworld’ in which players can select and customize a ‘hero’ character from a number of different classes. Available in multi-player modes, gamers embark on a number of missions and quests whilst interacting with, socializing and teaming up with other users along the way.

Maplestory was developed by one of the largest Global game publishers, Nexon and was designed by Wizet, a company based in South Korea. Free-to-play and currently available on Microsoft Windows, the original game was first released in 2003, followed its sequel ‘Maplestory 2’ in July 2015. Associated games such as ‘Maplestory M’ have since been made available for download on iOS and Android.

Players have rated the game at 7/10, as reviewed on Steam, with some conflicting opinions. Whilst positives of the game include the Character story line and gameplay areas, it has been mentioned that it can take a considerable amount of time to progress through the different levels.

Maplestory 1 Screenshot Location

In Maplestory 1, screenshots are saved in your game's installation folder - this is usually:


Maplestory 2 Screenshot Location

In Maplestory 2, you can find your screenshots at the following folder:


If that folder doesn't exist, look inside Documents for a similar folder (that is named related to MapleStory, or something to do with screenshots).