Space Engineers

Save Game Location, Mods Folder

Following its release on 23rd October 2013, Space Engineers has been well received by players with a review score of 9/10 on steam. Fans have described it as being the perfect Sandbox game due to its excellent graphics and mechanics, with some players comparing it to the likes of Minecraft.

During Gameplay, users will be given control of an astronaut to design, build and maintain space equipment such as space stations and spaceships, whilst exploring different planets and finding resources for survival.

The game was both published and developed by Keen Software House, a develop based in Prague, known best for its games such as Miner Wars and Medieval Engineers. Set in an open world environment, Space Engineers is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and is run on VRAGE 2 Engine which is unique to Keen Software House.

Save Game Location

Save game files hold all of the data relating to each of your Space Engineers saves. You might need to access them in order to create a backup, move them to a new computer, delete them, or use them for some other reason. You can find all of your Space Engineer save game files in the following folder on Windows:


Once in that folder, your saves can be found in .sbs format inside a folder named after your steam ID (which will be a lot of numbers).

If you need help accessing that folder, simply:

  1. Open up a File Explorer window - you can do this by right clicking the start menu button and clicking File Explorer
  2. Paste the path into the address bar (%AppData%\SpaceEngineers\Saves)
  3. Then, just hit ENTER on your keyboard!

Mods Folder

To locate your mods folder for Space Engineers, you'll first need to head to your Steam library folder. This is, by default, at the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

If that folder doesn't exist, follow this guide to locate your Steam library folder, then return here.

Once in your Steam library, go through the following folders:

steamapps > workshop > content > 244850

Within this folder, you can find each of your mods inside a folder that's name is the same as their ID (a bunch of numbers). You can find out the ID of a mod by looking at its workshop URL. For example, the following workshop URL, if installed, would be in a folder named 822950976: