Warframe Screenshot Location

Warframe has set itself as an extremely popular multiplayer third-person shooting game with a score of 9/10 as reviewed on Steam. The game, which is free to play with some pay to win features, has attracted more then 40 million players (one of the highest numbers on Steam) since its original release.

On starting the game, players create a ‘Teno’ character which provides them with unique abilities and weapons. They will then be tasked with a number of missions on different planets, that can be completed by up to four players at a time. As players complete challenges, they are able to progress to new planets and maps, with the goal of saving the solar system from the creatures that have taken over it.

Due to its success, there have been a total of six expansion updates to Warframe since it was first developed, including ‘The Second Dream’, ‘The War Within’ and most recently, ‘Empyrean’. These provide players with access to further features such as new planets, challenges and weapons.

Warframe Screenshot Folder

Pressing the F6 whilst playing Warframe will snap a screenshot automatically and save it on your computer. Where does that screenshot end up? Well, the answer is simple, but it will vary based on whether you're playing Warframe via Steam or via standard installation. Find help specific to you below.

Windows (Steam)

If you've taken a screenshot whilst playing Warframe on Steam, it'll be in one of the following folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Warframe\Captures


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Warframe\Captures

The path should look like this:

Warframe screenshot folder path on Windows

If those folders don't exist, you might've installed Warframe into a different folder. Follow this guide to find out where Warframe is saved, then proceed to the Captures folder.


If that folder is empty, chances are you have accidentally used Steam's screenshot feature. That's important because Steam has its own screenshot system that is separate to Warframe's. Thankfully, finding where those screenshots are is relatively easy too, follow this guide to find out how to find your Steam screenshots.

You may also wish to try the following folder, as sometimes screenshots are saved here:


To visit the above path just press WINDOWS + R, paste it into the text field and click OK.

Windows (Standard, Not Steam)

When playing Warframe on Windows, but not via Steam, your captured screenshots will be saved in this directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Warframe\Downloaded\Public\Captures

To quickly jump to this path:

  1. Open up run by pressing WINDOWS + R
  2. Paste the path in the text field
  3. Hit OK

If that folder is empty, try the following folder:


To visit the above path just press WINDOWS + R, paste it into the text field and click OK.