FTL: Faster Than Light

Save Game Location

Faster Than Light has been received exceptionally well by fans with reviews of 89% on PC Gamer and a strong 10/10 on Steam. Players were quick to comment on its good level of combat and progression opportunities as well as the high level of difficulty that the game imposes.

As a strategy simulation game set in space, players are given control of a spaceship in order to transport important documents to an ally across the galaxy. Along the way, they will have to complete the different challenges that they encounter and ensure the smooth running of the ship by directing the members of the crew, as well as making sure that no invaders are able to enter.

The game was first released on 14th September 2012 and was published by Subset Games, also known for its 2018 game ‘Into the Breach’. Faster than Light is currently available to play on iOS, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Save File Location

Your FTL save files contain all of your save data. You will need to access them if you ever want to create a backup, move them to a new computer, or modify them with third party software.

The good news is that they're easy to locate. The bad news is, well, we don't think there is any! See help for your device below.


On Windows, you can find your FTL save files in the following folder:

%UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\FasterThanLight

To access that folder:

  1. Open up File Explorer (right click your start menu button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen and click File Explorer)
  2. Go to Documents (usually a button on the left hand side of the File Explorer window)
  3. Go into the My Games folder
  4. And finally, go into the FasterThanLight folder, here you will find your save files


On Mac operating systems, your Faster Than Light save files will be in the following directory:

~/Library/Application Support/FasterThanLight

To go to that folder, open up a Finder window, press COMMAND + SHIFT + G, paste ~/Library/Application Support/FasterThanLight into the text field and click Go.


On Linux, the path for your FTL save data files is as follows: