Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Save Game Location

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was first released on 25th October 2016 and has proved popular among fans selling over 1.4 million copies across the globe. Although the game has received some mixed responses from players, with a review score of 75% on Metacritic, users have spoke positively on its story missions and versatile battle system.

The game sets itself in the role-playing fighting genre, following its predecessor Dragon Ball Xenoverse in 2015, where players take on the role of a selected character to take part in battles in arenas within the fictional location named ‘Conton City’. The game is available in multi-player, with its servers being able to hold up to 3000 players at one time.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was developed by Dimps, a company also known for its development of fighting games such as Street Fighter and The Sonic Series. Xenoverse 2 is currently available to play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Xenoverse 2 Save Location

The thought of losing all of your Xenoverse 2 progress is for sure a scary one, that's why it's important to make backups. Accessing your save files also allows you to share them with friends, use third party software to modify them, and do a boat load of other things. On Windows (Steam), your saves are stored in a file named DBXV2.sav at the following path:

Your Steam library folder > userdata > a folder named after your Steam3ID > 323470 > remote > DBXV2