Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Save Game Location

Kingdom Come Deliverance has received mixed reviews from players with a rating of 7/10 on Steam. Whilst some users have praised its graphics, realism and story line, others have been quick to comment on its long load time and combat difficulty.

As a role-playing game set in the Medieval Era, Kingdom Come Deliverance immerses players into its open world environment during the Bohemian War. Players make their way through the country, whilst completing tasks and missions to upgrade their weaponry and master combat, with the end goal of retrieving a sword that was previously stolen by a Bandit leader named ‘Runt’.

Developed by Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come Deliverance was first released on 13th February 2018; however, player are expecting a sequel to come in 2020. The game is run on CRYENGINE and is currently available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

KCD Game Save Location

We're not sure why game developers don't make the location of their game save files easier to find out, but fortunately, in the case of Kingdom Come: Deliverance they're at least easy to access. If you want to delete, transfer, make a backup, or do anything else with your save files, you can find them in the following folder on Windows:

%UserProfile%\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves

You can quickly open that path by:

  1. Opening a Run window - do this by right clicking your start menu button (bottom left) and clicking Run (or just hitting WINDOWS + R)
  2. Pasting %UserProfile%\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves into the Open: text field
  3. Pressing the OK button
  4. You will then automatically be taken to your saves folder!