Project Zomboid

Save Game Location

Project Zomboid is a survival RPG game in the horror video game market, in a Zombie infested post-apocalypse ‘Knox Country’ where the players are tasked with surviving for as long as possible. Not only must they avoid being killed by the numerous zombies, but must also search for food supplies, ensure their energy levels are maintained and preserve their mentality.

The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Java and Macintosh operating systems and was first released on 8th November 2013 for Steam early access. It was developed and published by a small independent company called ‘The Indie Stone’.

Project Zomboid has been received fairly well by players with a review score of 9/10 on Steam. Highlights of the game as mentioned by fans include its sandbox game style and uniqueness within its genre.

Project Zomboid Save Location

If you're looking to modify your Project Zomboid saves, back them up, share them with buddies, or do anything else with them, the first step is finding out where they're located. That's where Save Location (that's us!) comes in. See help to locate the save location for your operating system below.


On Windows, your Project Zomboid save files can be found in the following folder:


To open that path, paste it into the address bar of File Explorer and hit ENTER.

Your character save is in the map_p.bin file, the other map_.. files are the map. Depending on your version and settings, these files may be within the zomboid folder itself, or a folder named saves, sandbox, or survival.


On Mac, your Project Zomboid saves are located in the following folder:


To open that folder, open Finder, press COMMAND + SHIFT + G on your keyboard, paste ~/Zomboid into the text field and hit Go.


When playing Project Zomboid on Linux, your save files will be placed into the following directory: