Save Game Location, Mods Folder

Initially released for early access 1st February 2016, Factorio has gained a significant fan base who eagerly await its official release in September later this year. The game, which sets itself in the construction and management genre, has been purchased by over 1,500,000 people so far.

Factorio was developed by Wube Software and can be accessed currently on Linux, Macintosh operating systems and Microsoft Windows. The game costs $30 to purchase on Steam as of 16th April 2018 and is available in both single player and multi player modes.

In gameplay, players are given control of an engineer, from a birds eye perspective, who has crashed and is now stranded on a mysterious planet. They must find and use resources to create tools and technologies, with increasing difficultly and sophistication as the game progresses, to help them build a rocket and eventually launch it off of the planet.

Save Game Location

Once you've started to build out your factory and your game save becomes increasingly complex, the thought of losing your progress if your save file corrupts becomes increasingly fearsome. For this reason, it's important to know where your Factorio save files are located, so that you can create backups. You may also wish to share your saves with friends, or move them to a new computer: knowing their location is also required for this.

Thankfully, Save Location has the answer. You can find your Factorio saves at the following locations:


On Windows, Factorio saves can be found in the following folder:


Your folder and folder path should look like this:

Factorio game saves folder with zipped up save files


If you're playing Factorio on a Mac, you'll find your game saves in this directory:

~/Library/Application Support/factorio/saves


Factorio game save files on Linux are at this path:


Mods Folder

Where your Factorio mods folder is located varies based on the operating system you're playing Factorio on. See help specific to your computer below.


Find your Factorio mods in the following folder for Windows installations:



Mac versions of Factorio have their mods placed in this directory:

~/Library/Application Support/factorio/mods


Mods for installations of Factorio on linux-based operating systems can be found at this path: