Mass Effect: Andromeda

Game Save Location

Mass Effect Andromeda was first released on 21st March 2017 and is available for $4.99 a month on EA and Origin. Players can access the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and is run on Frostbite Engine, which is an engine specifically designed for cross-platform use.

As a Role-Playing Game within the action genre, Mass Effect Andromeda is set in the Adromeda Galaxy where humans are on a mission, as part of the Adromeda initiative, to inhabit new planets. Users will play as either Sarah Ryder or Scott who have just woken up in Adromeda as a pathfinder, following a long journey as part of this initiative. It is their role to defeat an alien species named The Zet whilst searching for a new world that humanity can call home.

Mass Effect Andromeda has had mixed reviews from players, with an 80% review score on Steam and 71% review score on Metacritic; however, it was still able to grab the award for ‘Most Wanted Game’ at the Golden Joystick Awards in 2016.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Save Location

With access to your game save files for Mass Effect: Andromeda, you can transfer them to a new computer, create a backup, share them with buddies, and do many other things. Thankfully, they're very easy to locate on Windows. You can find them in this folder:

%UserProfile%\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect Andromeda\Save

To access this folder all you need to do is:

  1. Open up File Explorer (right click your start menu butter and click File Explorer
  2. Go to your Documents
  3. And then finally, through the following folders: BioWare > Mass Effect Andromeda > Save
  4. Inside the Save folder, you'll find all your game saves