Windows AppData Folder

AppData Location and Shortcuts

We've probably all heard the term AppData, or know about the AppData folder, but not many of us know what it actually is. AppData is a folder that contains - as you might've guessed from the name - data from applications.

It's unique because each user on a computer has their own AppData folder. This means that if you share a computer with your family or friends, applications that multiple people use can have specific configurations, saves, settings, etc.

AppData Folder Location (Roaming)

Fortunately, accessing the AppData folder is a piece of cake on Windows 10, 8, and 7. All you need to do is open up File Explorer (type File Explorer into the start menu) and paste the following text into the address bar:


Here's what it should look like in the address bar:

AppData folder

The %AppData% shortcut will take you into the Roaming folder. For the Local and LocalLow folders, see below.

Local AppData Folder Location

For the Local AppData folder, you can use the following shortcut:


LocalLow AppData Folder Location

And to access the LocalLow AppData directory, use this shortcut: