VLC Recordings Folder

VLC, which comes from the term "VideoLAN Client", is a media player developed by VideoLAN (in case you hadn't guessed from the name). A media player is software that plays some form of media, in VLC's case, it's video.

VLC was launched in 2001 and now supports a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, mobile devices and Linux. It's a preferred option over many native media players for many because of its performance and its support for a massive range of file types. For example, some native players (e.g. Windows) suffer from poor performance with certain file types, and also doesn't support some entirely.

VLC Recordings Folder

The record feature is great... if you know how to find the recordings you make. If you haven't changed any settings relating to where your VLC recordings are saved, they'll be:

  • On Windows, in your Videos folder
  • On Mac, in your Movies folder

If you're using a different operating system, or your recordings aren't in those folders, you might've changed your VLC recordings folder. To check, go to Tools > Preferences:

VLC preferences button

Then, in the Input / Codecs tab you can find the directory under Files and Record directory or filename:

VLC recordings folder path highlighted

If the field is empty (like in the picture above), it might be worth setting a folder and re-record anything you need.