Uplay Screenshot Location

Uplay is a service offered by Ubisoft that is best summarized as a "portal" to all Ubisoft games and services. Through the Uplay interface you can purchase, download, install, open and play games. All of the games available via the platform are published by Ubisoft, which isn't really surprising considering it's owned by the company and competitors have launched similar products (such as EA's Origin).

It is available on a wide range of platforms -- all of the industry leading game consoles, along with PC, Android, iOS, and others. The initial release was 3rd July 2020, and has since resolved a well-known controversial issue which stopped users from playing if they weren't connected to the internet.

In 2019, Uplay+ was launched. Uplay+ is akin to "Netflix for games", granting users access to most (if not all) of the games on the Uplay platform for a monthly fee, rather than having to buy them individually.

Uplay Screenshot Location

Uplay has a built in screenshot screenshot feature, similar to other platforms. On PC, you can use this feature to take a screenshot by hitting the F12 key on your keyboard.

Once you've snapped that thang, you might be wondering where it's located. Well, if you're on this page, that's definitely what you're wondering... we'll cut to the chase. You can find the location of the screenshot below:


On Windows, you can find your Uplay screenshots in the following folder:


If you're having trouble accessing this folder:

  1. Hit WINDOWS + R on your keyboard (WINDOWS being the windows key that opens the start menu)
  2. Paste the above path into the text field
  3. Click OK