How to Uninstall Roblox (All Devices)

It's quite simple!

Roblox is a one-of-a-kind game. In fact, you could argue Roblox is a million games in one. You can build a family in Adopt Me, run a restaurant in Restaurant Tycoon 2, fight for your life in Phantom Forces or go deep into the ocean in Aquarium Story... and that list is nothing close to exhaustive.

That said, even one-of-a-kind games can become boring or take up more space on your computer than you have. Chances are, since you're reading this article, you want to uninstall Roblox. Below you can find easy-to-follow steps that take you through deleting Roblox on Windows (PC), Mac, Android and iOS (iPhone).

Windows 10 or 11 (PC)

On Windows 10 or 11, open the Start Menu by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, then search for "add or remove programs" and click Add or Remove Programs as is highlighted in the screenshot below:

Add or Remove Programs option in the Windows Start Menu

After clicking that, the "Apps & features" window will open. Search for "roblox" in the search box and click Uninstall on the "Roblox Player for me" option:

Uninstall button on the Roblox Player

Then when prompted, confirm by clicking "Uninstall" again:

Roblox uninstall prompt

Roblox will then uninstall itself from your computer.


To uninstall Roblox on your Mac, follow the below steps.

First, press COMMAND + OPTION + ESC to open the Force Quit Applications menu. Make sure that Roblox is not there. If Roblox is there (like in the below screenshot), click on it to select it and then click Force Quit:

Force quit Roblox in the Force Quit Applications menu

Open Finder by pressing COMMAND + N. Then, click "Applications" in the left pane and

Moving Roblox to the Bin on Mac

Roblox is now in your trash. To empty your trash - which will delete Roblox permanently - press COMMAND + SHIFT + DELETE. Note that this will delete everything in your trash can. We recommend you first check your trash can by clicking on the Trash icon in your Dock. If you don't want to empty all of your trash, click on the Trash icon in your Dock, find Roblox, right click and then click "Delete Immediately...".


To remove Roblox from your Android phone or tablet, find the app on your home screen (or search for it), then long-tap the icon to bring up the options menu. From the options menu, select "App info" (this might be named something slightly different depending on what type of phone or tablet you have):

App info option for the Roblox app on Android

From the App info screen, find the uninstall option and tap it to uninstall Roblox from your phone or tablet (the location of this may vary depending on what type of device you have):

Roblox uninstall button

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

To remove Roblox on your iPhone or iPad, find it on your home screen or search for the app, then long-tap (hold) on the icon to bring up the app menu. When the menu pops up, tap "Remove App":

Remove App for Roblox app on iOS

Playing Roblox After Uninstalling It

If you removed Roblox because you didn't have enough space, or it wasn't working on your computer, you might prefer to play Roblox without installing it. The good news is that with, you can, we recommend following Roblox Den's guide on how to play Roblox without downloading it.