Cemu Save Location

Cemu is experimental video game emulation software available for Windows PCs. Video game emulators are software that make it possible to play games designed for one platform. Cemu, for example, provides a platform for users to load and run Wii U games on PC.

Although released in October 2015, Cemu is still marked as "experimental" software. This is likely due to the fact there are still many limitations with the platform: there are problems with Intel GPUs, and other desktop operating systems such as Mac and Linux aren't yet supported.

Cemu Save Location

Your Cemu game saves will be located at the following path inside your mlc01 folder :


Your mlc01 folder is, by default, inside the folder that your Cemu.exe file is. But, if you're having trouble finding where your mlc01 folder is: in Cemu, go to Options > General Settings:

General settings button in Cemu

Then, you can find your MLC path under "MLC Path":

The MLC path in Cemu, where your save data is located