BlueStacks Save Location

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that was released in summer 2014, after having been in a beta release since 2011. An Android emulator is software that runs apps originally designed to only run on Android operating systems to run on other operating systems. In the case of BlueStacks, it allows Android apps to run on both Windows and Mac computers.

The program is very successful, having had over 200 million total downloads since its conception. This comes as no surprise to many, as BlueStacks is one of the most performant Android emulators that can successfuly run over 1.5m Android apps.

BlueStacks File Save Location

Files have to be saved somewhere, right? Correct, BlueStacks is no different to any other application, and if you're wondering where exactly those files are saved, you're in the right place.

If you're just looking for the default shared file path, you can find it below. Underneath this path, we explain how to actually transfer files using it.


Sharing files from BlueStacks to Windows is a straight-forward process, but there are a few steps involved:

  1. Open up the Android Settings app on the emulated device within BlueStacks
  2. Click Storage
  3. Click Others
  4. Click Explore
  5. Select the file you wish to export and then click the ellipsis in the top right and click copy to or move to
  6. Select the SM-G955F folder (or, if you're running a different model, the option with the phone icon)
  7. Finally, select windows, then BstSharedFolder, and save the file there
  8. You can then navigate to C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\Engine\UserData\SharedFolder on your PC and you will find the files in there